The primary task of ANO "Alashara" in the field of healthcare is to help medical institutions in the villages. The organization also helps diagnose diseases, conducts environmental campaigns to improve the state of the environment in villages, and makes measurements of water and air quality.

Public health support

Specialists constantly visit the villages to diagnose oncological, infectious and other diseases. Hundreds of residents of rural settlements were surveyed. Those with any abnormalities are sent for treatment to specialized institutions.

"Alashara" regularly purchases and transfers medical equipment and computer equipment to medical institutions.
At the initiative of the organization, testing of drinking water was carried out in villages, because of which the administrations of some villages replaced water pipes.

Caring for the younger generation

Youth health issues become the main ones at conferences, round tables, seminars organized with the participation of "Alashara". Specialists conduct preventive talks in schools. Creative formats are also used: drawing competitions, the "Art Therapy"1 project and similar initiatives.

The work of "Alashara" during the pandemic

ANO "Alashara" actively joined in helping residents during the coronavirus pandemic. A representative of the organization participated in the work of the Republican Public Headquarters of Karachay-Cherkessia to combat the spread of Covid-19. "Alashara" provided transport for the delivery of humanitarian aid to villages, donated medical equipment, personal protective equipment and medicines to hospitals, district hospitals, polyclinics, and purchased food and medicine kits for those in need. More than 250 families received assistance, and its volume exceeded 5.7 million rubles.