ANO "Alashara" pays great attention to the development of physical culture and sports, highlighting this work in a separate direction, acts as an organizer of events, helps local residents organize competitions themselves, invests in infrastructure and encourages the merits of young athletes.

"Abaza Games" and other sporting events 

At the initiative of "Alashara", the Abaza Games sports tournament is held annually, which includes such disciplines as football, volleyball, 100-meter running, arm wrestling, tug of war, weight lifting, stone throwing, archery. All residents of the Abaza villages are invited to participate.

Another important sporting event that traditionally attracts hundreds of participants and spectators is the annual marathon run in Abaza settlements, timed to coincide with significant dates. What’s more, every year there are competitions "Айха хъацIа" ("Iron Man") among rural settlements in power all-around: horizontal bars, bars, weightlifting. Football tournaments, which are held among both juniors and older men, including veterans, are very popular among residents.

In addition, "Alashara" helps in holding competitions among budgetary and public organizations of the republic. Such events contribute to the establishment of friendly relations between employees for more fruitful and high-quality joint work.

Support for private initiatives and development of sports infrastructure

Moreover, ANO "Alashara" provides resource and financial support to those citizens who themselves want to organize competitions in various sports. This allows encouraging the initiatives of local coaches, teachers and youth in the development of physical culture. 
The efforts of ANO "Alashara" are also aimed at creating conditions for sports: the construction of open sports grounds in Abaza settlements is financed; equipment is bought for gyms in schools and sports institutions in Abaza villages.

Financial support for teachers, coaches, athletes

Another important area of work is the encouragement of athletes and teachers for their merits in the development of physical culture. ANO "Alashara" has established an annual competition "The Best Rural Physical Education Teacher". The prize is awarded to those teachers who provided the highest quality for the participation of their students in the sports events of the organization. In addition, "Alashara" gives awards to athletes for victories at the European Championships, World Championships and the Olympic Games.