Our objectives

We see our mission in strengthening spiritual and cultural ties between people, forming a sustainable civil society that values mutual assistance, care for each other and the environment.
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Сохраняем язык
We preserve the language
We are doing everything to preserve the unique Abaza language, which is the foundation of our culture. Therefore, we protect and develop it together with writers, scholars and culturologists. We open language clubs, develop video courses, prepare school programs.
Возрождаем традиции
We revive the traditions
We respect the traditions of our people, which have evolved over thousands of years. We want the next generations to realize the value of this heritage.
Этнокультурное пространство
We develop ethno-cultural space
Our team appreciates the spirit of unity of the people of Abaza. Therefore, we hold events that help bring people together. We study Abaza culture at scientific conferences and meetings of the Discussion club.
Гражданское общество
We form civil society
We create public councils so that the residents themselves can participate in the development of their territories. We provide opportunities and tools to implement the ideas of caring citizens.

People of Abaza

Abaza are an indigenous small people of Russia, which belongs to the Abkhaz-Adyg language group. There are more than 40 thousand Abaza in Russia. They are closest to the Abkhazians and together they represent a single people - the Abaza. Abaza live compactly in 13 villages in Karachay-Cherkessia, some of which became part of the newly created administrative-territorial unit - the Abaza district, as well as in more than 20 other countries.
Народ Абаза

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