As part of this direction, ANO "Alashara" forms Public Councils, distributes grants on a competitive basis for the implementation of significant projects in the field of healthcare, infrastructure, education, and culture. Efforts are also aimed at the socio-economic development of Abaza villages and the solution of pressing everyday problems.

Public Councils

The formation of Public Councils is one of the key elements of the work of "Alashara" in the direction of the development of civil society. Thanks to the Public Councils, for many years the organization has been able to quickly identify and solve the pressing problems of the residents of the Abaza settlements in the KChR. In addition, this mechanism helps to involve more actively people in the development of programs for the development of their village to improve the quality of life.

"Alashara" employees, together with the Public Councils, managed to implement several important projects: reconstruction of a rural mosque in the village of Malo-Abazinsk was carried out; in the village of Inzhich-Chukun, with the direct participation of the local Public Council, the construction of a central park was initiated; a pedestrian bridge between Inzhich-Chukun and Khabez was repaired, etc.

Grants for significant social and public projects

Every year, "Alashara" distributes dozens of grants through competitions for the implementation of significant social, public and cultural projects.

For example, grant support was received by such projects as the replacement of the roof in the houses of families in difficult life situations; creation of a park for recreation of the local population in the village of Kara-Pago; landscaping of the territory for a recreation area in the village of Inzhich-Chukun; improvement of the territory for a football field in the village of Psyzh.
Such initiatives as the development of tourism in the Abaza villages received financial support; carrying out vegetative-resonant testing and diagnostics of the whole organism of rural residents; equipping a room in the polyclinic of the Abaza district for prenatal exercises for pregnant women; creation of a board game for learning the Abaza language; numerous sports competitions were also held - freestyle wrestling, table tennis, boxing. 

National Foundation of the Abaza People 

In 2017, the National Fund of the Abaza People was established, which allows to effectively accumulate funds to solve the problems of the Abaza people and specific settlements. For a more convenient transfer of funds, an agreement was reached with Sberbank, which included the details of the Fund in the drop-down list of "Sberbank Online" organizations.
Thanks to the initiatives of the Foundation, modern sports grounds are being built in the Abaza settlements, the pumping station in the village of Krasny Vostok was modernized, school territories and sports infrastructure were improved, uniforms for young football players were purchased in several settlements.
Together, "Alashara" and the National Foundation of the Abaza people are engaged in active information work and provide comprehensive assistance aimed at improving the quality of life of people.