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Milana Gvaramia`s Panopticum

Паноптикум Миланы Гварамия

"Panopticum" was the name of the first personal exhibition of young Abkhazian artist Milana Gvaramia. An unusual exhibition from the girl, whose name in the artistic environment of Abkhazia was unknown, attracted the attention of art lovers.

48 quite the imposing canvases, oil paints, very dark, gloomy colors: black, dark green, bordo - exhibition attracted the attention of passers-by, who didn`t plan to visit the exhibition hall, but then, led by curiosity, they came over to look at the paintings.

22-year-old Milan Gvaramia draws from childhood, but only four years ago, he realized that he wanted to make it the main occupation of his life. In recent years she wrote nearly sixty oil paintings. "I just get incredible pleasure from the process, it is my pleasure, nothing imposed, and I thought, if so, why would I not continue to develop," says Milana, who has no art education, however, recently she entered to MSU to study the theory of art. Education Milana Gvaramia is a lawyer by education, but her interest, as was evident at the exhibition, is not in contact with the law.

Perhaps one of the main questions frequently asked Milana, -  why her paintings are grim. The artist does not agree with this, she denies that her paintings have a craving for "some dark powers" that they are dark, and in any case Milana does not believe that sees the world in dark colors. "Just now I feel comfortable in these color keys, and I do not deny that this will change over time," says the artist.

According to the curator of the exhibition of Aditsa Tsicutania, Milana Gvaramia`s exhibition for her personally, as organizer, was attractive because it was a charity event. The artist, who does not sell her paintings, she agreed to put one of them up for auction, and the proceeds from the sale went to the Foundation of one of the charities.

- The idea of the auction belongs to Milana, and we had the same on other exhibition, but never in the Central exhibition hall, - shares by his thoughts the curator. - I am very glad this initiative, and I would like to see similar auctions have become a good tradition.

At the end, Milana Gvaramia`s picture was sold under the hammer for 150 thousand rubles, the amount was transferred to the account of the Cultural and charity Fund "Ashana".

Returning to the exhibition, Aditsa Tsicutania said that Gvaramia Milana herself could not make her creativity within the same genre and direction. According to the curator of the exhibition, it is "...something between surrealism, the avant-garde and decadence".

No accident is the title of the exhibition. "Panopticum" in Greek literally means "seen it all", museums of often strange and even terrible things were often called panopticum. And in the eighteenth century, it was formulated the philosophical concept of the panopticum – an ideal prison where one guard watching the prisoners, and they watched him, and, according to Aditsa Tsicutania, that is the concept for the exhibition was chosen by the author.

- If we look at paintings, we can see everywhere the views and eyes, there are a lot of portraits here, and not so not only viewers come to look at paintings, but the paintings look at people, - she says.

One of the most striking paintings in the exhibition was the painting "Aida" - the picture which the author believes is unfinished, but still one of the main in her works, and so Milana thought it was necessary to exhibit it.

 I don't want to explain what I am writing, to tell you about what is depicted in a particular painting, - says Milana Gvaramia of Milan, - this is not necessary, I don't like talking in general, I express my thoughts by images.

There are a lot of portraits among Milana`s works. "I usually divide all people into beautiful people and my people, who are considered very beautiful. They are my friends, I often write their portraits,"- says the artist, standing in the middle of his paintings. And, if you look closely some of the female portraits, one can understand that among all eyes on the visitors of the exhibition in this "panopticum", there are Milana Gvaramia`s eyes.