International Association for Assistance to the Abaza-Abkhazian ethnos «Alashara»

At the VII Congress of MAAAN. The second day.

На VII Конгрессе МАААН. День второй

The main event of the second day of the VII Congress of the Abkhaz-Abaza world Congress was the election of leadership.

The Congress has changed the Statute of HAAK, abolished the position of President of the Congress and established a High Council. The position of General Secretary of the Congress will be called "Executive Secretary".

As the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Association of the World Congress of Abkhaz-Abazin people was unanimously elected Mussa Ekzekov – known businessman, scientist and public figure, President of the International Association "Alashara", the Chairman of the Association of Abaza public organizations "Apsargyl".

This is the first election of the management team of the Association for 25 years of its existence. Former Chairman of the Congress of the Abkhaz-Abaza (Abaza) people Taras Shamba will be the honorary President of the organization.

 Inar Gitsba was elected as the Executive Secretary.

Inar Gitsba was born in the city of Tkuarchal, in 2002 he graduated from the Gagra "Basharan College", and in 2007 - Gdansk State University (Poland), faculty of «Political science», specialty "International relations".

"I know that he will fulfill the tasks 24 hours a day, I offer to support his candidacy," - said the elected Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Association Mussa Ekzekov. 158 delegates supported this proposal.