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Anniversary of the first archaeologist

Юбилей первого археолога

A "Round table", devoted to the 100 anniversary from the birthday of the first Abkhazian archaeologist Michael Mametovich Trapsh was held in the Abkhazian state museum. Meeting of scientists was organized by the Department of ancient history and the middle ages. In a conversation about the role of the researcher in the development of the Abkhazian archaeology was attended by Deputy Minister of culture and protection of historical and cultural heritage B. S. Kobakhia, the Director of the museum A. I. Jopua, archaeologists O. H. Bgazhba, I. I. Tsvinaria, G. A. Sangulia, T. O. Kapba, historians V. A. Njushkov, E. K. Adzhindzhal, philologist B. V. Agrba, art historian S. M. Sakania.

The speakers noted that Michael Trapsh, who has meticulously studied all the materials of monuments of the Dioscuri, Guadikhu, Red Lighthouse (Krasny Mayak), Sukhumi mountain, proved that antiurban life in Abkhazia was represented by the local population. He made a first attempt to establish a continuous line of development of the bronze age monuments and iron on the base of  Lykhny, Ochamchira and Gal hoards of axes. In addition, Michael is Trapsh is the founder of the Abkhazian underwater archaeology. He, along with Leo Shervashidze, Vianor Pachulia and Lev Solovyov completed a course in diving at the head of the Sukhumi rescue station V. I. Skasirsky, who became a teacher and consultant in a number of underwater surveys. Then to deepen his theoretical knowledge and experience specially went to a famous archaeologist and historian of antiquity, doctor V. D. Blavatsky to his strong and recognized school of underwater research to improve the chosen direction for the Abkhaz archaeology. Under his leadership and active participation were carried out a number of important works at the mouth of Basla  at great depths, where there were some buildings, in the region of the restaurant "Dioskuria",  cafe "Elbrus" and opposite the monuments of the "Red Lighthouse"(Krasny Mayak). The results of these studies have enriched the comprehensive study of the sea zones of the Black sea coast of Abkhazia.

Academician Oleg Bgazhba in his speech said that Michael Trapsh in his 49 years had finished two doctoral dissertations on the history of Ancient Sukhumi and Tsebelda necropolis, and his works will be published in five volumes.

M. M. Trapsh was a participant of the Great Patriotic war, awarded by a medal "For courage".

To the 100 anniversary of the scientist the Department of ancient history and middle ages of the Abkhazian state Museum has prepared an exhibition of previously exhibited items and personal belongings.