International Association for Assistance to the Abaza-Abkhazian ethnos «Alashara»

"It was a shock!"

"Это был шок!"

Relatives found descendants of Ramazan Chukov

 About the existence of the Ramazan Chukov representatives of the genus learned only after the book "The exploits of the heroes of Abazashta", published by the International Association "Alashara", which included a summary of his participation in the Great Patriotic war and a description of the feat, for which he was awarded the medal "For courage". His middle name is the genus realized that he was son of the Chukhov Muttalib from Inzhich-Chukun, who, along with his brothers was sentenced in 30th years for participation in armed resistance for the establishment of Soviet power. Ramazan was taken to an orphanage when he was a 12-year-old boy, and no one else has heard about him. And he, having received education, was sent to Dagestan, where he worked in the Komsomol bodies and in the newspaper "Kizlyarskaya pravda", during the Great Patriotic war he was a front-line correspondent, and after that until 1968 remained in military service, was the head of the officers' houses in Odessa, in Dresden (in the Group of Soviet troops in Germany) and in Simferopol, served up to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

More detailed information about Ramadan Chukov was published in the book "The fate of the Abaza literary intelligentsia in the pre-war and war years: in the wake of archival materials", which is also published by the organization "Alashara". Nurby Chukov, collecting material about the history of his relative, tried to find traces of his kinsman in Kizlyar district of Dagestan, but to no avail. But once at the meeting, one of Abaza representatives of the Chukovs` genus – Victor – said, that he started correspondence with a certain Yuri Ramazanovich Chukov in the "Classmates". Grasping this thread, the relatives soon found out that this is the son of Ramazan Mutalibovich Chukhov. He said that he has a sister Tatiana, his father died in 1990, he knows, that they come from Inzhich-Chukun, but have never been there.

Yuri and Tatiana`s mother-Anna Dmitrievna Yakovleva - a native of the Tula region. During the war she added to her age two years, to withdraw on front. She served in SMERSH. She met Ramazan Chukov at the end of the war. On the reverse side of one of the surviving photos, where they are together, it is written: "The village of Sarata, May 1946."

In early June of this year, one of the active representatives of the genus Mukharbi Chukov went to Simferopol and met with the descendants of Ramadan. He took with him a handful of his native land, which the son and daughter poured out on the grave of his father. Muharbi also gave Yuri and Tatiana a book "The fate of the Abaza literary intelligentsia in the pre-war and war years: in the wake of archival materials."

– It is impossible to describe with what pleasure met me in Simferopol, - Muharbi Chukov told on arrival from the Crimea. - Yura tirelessly spoke about parents, about a family, Tanya cried of happiness.

Yuri Chukov is 66 years old now, he is retired, but, despite his sick legs, he does not sit idle – he develops diving equipment, invented a device that allows cleaning ships afloat from fouling. By education he is an electrical engineer, worked in Chernomorneftegaz, provided electrochemical protection of gas pipelines – including underwater. At the same time he became interested in the sea, became a hydraulic and from 80-ies of the last century worked with inhabited underwater vehicles.

Tatiana is 4 years older than Yuri, she worked as a civil engineer all her working life, and after retiring, she moved to the social assistance system.

About finding a new family, they say briefly: "It was a shock! So unexpected and so joyful!»

In August, the Chukovs, living in Karachay-Cherkessia, plan to hold a family gathering. Their relatives in the Crimea wait for day of a meeting with excitement and very much hope that nothing will prevent them to arrive.