International Association for Assistance to the Abaza-Abkhazian ethnos «Alashara»

For a bright future

Во имя светлого будущего

The VII Congress of the International Association of Abkhaz-Abazin (Abaza) nation summed up the 25 years of activity of this organization. Its first Congress was held in the village of Lykhny in September 1992, when Abkhazia was at war. And, as noted during the opening Plenary session of the seventh Congress the permanent Association President Taras Shamba, "when was the attempted takeover of our state, we came together and were able to confront the threat, to drive the enemy away and achieve independence."

– The establishment of the International Abkhaz-Abaza Congress began a far-sighted step of our legendary leader Vladislav Ardzinba in heavy for Abkhazia 1992, bringing together living in the Diaspora and in the homeland of the Abkhaz, Abaza and the friendly people as the most powerful protection in the fight against the enemy. The main aim today of the Abkhaz-Abaza people, as throughout all its history, is the preservation of their national identity for future generations. This aim can be achieved through joint activity, not dividing our people on those living in the Homeland and those in Diaspora – said Taras Mironovich.

VII Congress, held in Sukhum, gathered more than 300 delegates from Abkhazia, Russia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, England and other countries of the world. They were welcomed by the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba, who called the forum a very important event in the long term development, unity, the relationship between our peoples.

– All gathered today people at the Congress is united by one idea – to find ways of further development and strengthening of the victory and of the independence of Abkhazia, for the freedom of which has killed thousands of worthy sons of the Fatherland. We are united by the search for solutions to such problems as the improvement of the demographic situation, the increase in national resources, the preservation and development of Abkhaz and Abaza languages, – said the leader of Abkhazia.

Raul Khajimba outlined the bright future of the Abkhaz-Abaza people as the main political aim. "We have no right to deviate from this idea, otherwise all our actions will have no meaning. If we are one people, we must abandon of our personal interests and work for the benefit of preserving our fraternal relations, our unity, of our Motherland," - he said.

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The policy of the Abkhazian state, and the activities of numerous social organizations, representatives of which spoke at the Congress about the work done and solve problems, are directed to achieve this aim. Indicative in this regard we may name the report of the Vice-President of the International Association of assistance development of the Abaza-Abkhazian ethnos "Alashara" Ramazan Mkhtse.

For 5 years of the work of the organization is accomplished a lot. Were published tens of thousands of copies of books, announced cartoons in Abaza language, created the Abaza puppet theatre, made exhibitions, concerts of Abaza songs. The holidays of Flag Day are organised in Abkhazia and Karachay-Cirkassian Republic and in other cities of Russia and in Turkey. For the last 4 years this event has become a tradition, and it involves thousands of people around the world. 30 playgrounds were built, the construction of a large sports complex is completed in the village of Krasny Vostok. Sports equipment is purchased, various sports competitions and tournaments, among which a special place is occupied the Abaza games, are spent, – said Ramazan Mkhtse.

He also noted the efforts of the organization "Alashara" for the conservation of Abaza language:

– Manuals for the study of Abaza language were created, a three-level courses of language teaching were opened, 72 activities that are currently available in the form of video tutorials on the organization's website and YouTube channel were organized in online regime of the Internet. "Alashara" is helping to create new television programs in Abaza language. The initiative of organization contributed to the fact that the number of teaching hours for the teaching of Abaza language in schools increased from three to five hours a week, teaching of Abaza language in kindergartens put on a new basis.

The President of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia Zurab Dzhapua informed the participants about the scientific program, developed in conjunction with the International Association "Alashara".

– We will work on the development of the Abaza and Abkhaz languages, carry out various studies on the history and cultural heritage. We attract scientists from both Abkhazia and Russia, and from Europe and America to our work. We learn the experiences of those who involved in this issue. It should be noted that in developing the program was attended the representatives of our Diaspora that has expanded and deepened it. And it once again became a confirmation of the fact that all our affairs we have to solve together with the Diaspora. Together we can win the challenges of modern globalization and to maintain our identity, our culture, our language, traditions, customs, – said Zurab Dzhotovich.

Doctor of Philology, professor Vyacheslav Chirikba elaborated on the language direction of the scientific program. The result of this work should be reforms that should begin with pre-school institutions and schools.

All three speakers noted that this is all thanks to the President of ANO "Alashara" Mussa Ekzekov and on his personal funds. But Mussa Habalevich himself, however, claims that one cannot conquer alone, and you should thank not him but the team. Speaking to Congress, he outlined his vision of addressing people:

– To continue the work and achieve the desired results we need: to unite the people of Abaza worldwide and through this to preserve the language, culture, traditions and customs; to create conditions for the systematic solution of problems; to combine the potential that we have for our Apsny prospered and developed economically; to create comfortable conditions for homecoming of all who wish to do so – if Abkhazia will develop dynamically, the conditions of life here will be comfortable too. What do we need to make it all work? The creation of a unified information space of Abaza people: we will communicate, share with our opinions, give advice to each other– and come to a bright future. Creating a network management structure by all our country programs: we will create community boards – such structure is already in Karachay-Cirkassia, we will inculcate it in other countries where Abaza people live. Countries will prepare a detailed program for the development of the Abaza people – it will be implemented through these structures. There will be news agencies in all countries and through them all our work will be covered. Central headquarters which will discipline and organize all the activities will be established.

 Mussa Ekzekov concluded his speech with these words:

We are sure that we are at the beginning of a long way. We learned to work, respect each other, to think together. This is very important. I wish to all of us, that 100 years later, there will be millions of us. It's possible if we work together, everything will be fine. We make it so that we all will speak our language, that everybody envy and imitate us. I assure you, it is not only dreams. They can be realized.

It seems that all present in the hall shared the views of the Abaza leader (recall, Mussa Ekzekov is also the Chairman of the Association of Abaza public organizations "Apsadgyl"). And when Taras Mironovich Shamba, who headed MAAAN for a quarter of a century, announced his resignation, thus putting a question about the new head of the Abkhaz-Abazin world Congress, delegates unanimously voted for the candidacy of Mussa Ekzekov.

 For me it's a big responsibility, – Mussa Habalevich has reacted. Thank you to all who believed in me. I hope you. Together we will work for the benefit of our people. Thank you!

Long-term activity of Taras Shamba could not be not assessed by members of Congress, and by the suggestion of Gennadiy Alamia, who all these 25 years were with him as General Secretary of MAAAN, Taras Mironovich was elected as Honorary President of the Association. Gennadiy Shalikovich himself also announced his resignation from his post and as his successor suggested Soner Gogua, who arrived in enveloped in the war Abkhazia as a very young man, to stand on its behalf with arm, stayed here and does a lot for his people, doing charity work. Paying tribute to Soner Gogua, Mussa Ekzekov asked the Congress for this position candidate of Inar Gitsba, which received the approval of many delegates during the preliminary consultations. After Soner Gogua recused himself, the absolute majority of the delegates voted for Inar Gitsba.

Inar Gitsba was born in the town of Tkuarchal, in 2002 he graduated from the Gagra "Basharan- college", and in 2007 — Gdansk (Poland) State University, faculty of Political Sciences, speciality "International relations".

A new edition of the Charter of the organization was offered on the Congress, a draft of which was adopted as the basis, and the final version was offered to approve at the next forum, which is scheduled for spring 2018. A decision of the staff of High Council of the organization will be made there. The Congress approved a quota of representation for the regions.

On the last day of the Congress delegations from different countries met with President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba, and on 10th of December the Congress participants visited Lykhny, where was arranged a real holiday in their honor.

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