International Association for Assistance to the Abaza-Abkhazian ethnos «Alashara»

Forbidden Eternity

Под запретом Вечности

Dear readers! We offer to your attention Machine Aiba`s essay – our author from Abkhazia. Mactina Viktorovna - candidate of historical sciences, the author of many scientific articles. Her family embodies the unity of the people of Abaza on both sides of the Caucasus mountains: Mactina`s husband, Amarbi Gogov, originally from the village of Krasny Vostok, so she loves the concept of "Apsuara" and "Abazara", which together constitute the very basis of life, culture and way of life of the people of Abaza. On the moral and ethical principles of Apsuara is our today's material of Mactina Aiba.

 The words associated with childhood, dimly glimpsed through the veil dissolved into rebellious adolescence, and, once again, surfacing slowly matured with the maturity of years. "Tsasym", "lamysdope" said the senior, noting evil in the eyes of curious children; it's "unlawful" hung the whole burden severity over fun atmosphere of games adolescents; it is, subsequently, permanently occupied a worthy niche in the subconscious, freeze-dried in the signs of love and respect, known only to members of their community. They learned the requirements on occupied places in the yard, the house, the table, together or apart, near or at a distance, in accordance with the difference between years, sexes and proportions of the current in them fresh blood from the total volume of the old ancestral blood.

Winning from time space and space time, they stopped before ascending from the depths of the centuries, the Prohibition of Eternity.

In celebrations of rites and rituals in the everyday life of the school of education, in the mysterious letters in the night sky, dotted with stars, they trevali Prohibition of Eternity.

 Exegetes, gray-haired, sitting at the burning hearth fireplace chain, told me that in all the flows the same blood that they called the Creator aglira-Acura (single skin-and-bone) with inherited General temperament, habits, diseases and their treatment, prayer houses and grateful memory of the legendary Ancestor (the Prophet). He, as later it was called the grateful descendants, bore the name of Ashatsck,a (Light blood).

 In those days the family had a total arable land, pastures, forests, rivers, and the High Council with the obligations to relatives in the periodic departures of the priestly, military, and trading functions and was associated by marriage relations with other neighbouring native.

Storytellers told, that in the history of their family were many things: bad years of crop failure, and a raging "Spanic" and the reflection of the attacks of tribes from the mountains, and the birth of grandfather Uchi`s seven grandchildren, and glad tidings of the return of the first Muhajir, and more.

 - Yes! - sighed the sage.- More was bad. Apparently, the Creator decided to test the strength of spirit. But we survived, all thanks to him – our Spiritual Ancestor, who taught us with the permission of the Almighty to honor Him, to cherish traditions, not to mix the blood not be given into the clutches of the Evil one (while he spat in disgust).

 How to know the elder that the other already Russian sage almost in unison to these statements, only in his own way, wrote: "in fact to develop such aristocratic purebred, needs a generation of beings capable of self-determination, to win over cowardice, lethargy, laziness, standing above the relaxing sensuality and value freedom, strength and harmony of life higher than self-preservation and the satisfaction of individual physiological needs" (N. O. Lossky).

 In the quiet hours of the dark of the southern night, the sage continued his narrative about the Great Flood, on the Day of judgment, the Predestination of all things, the origin of mountains, lakes and sea, as well as the nature of dreams, winds of sorrow and joy, about the heroism of the defenders of the Caucasus, he found himself on the bronze helmet of a brave Greek Jason (later the old man gave it to a random guest), about the rules of etiquette and many other things till sleep takes his time inexhaustible gift of the storyteller...

 ...Bright spring mood was transferred, along with the rhythms of the awakening of nature from one relatives to another. After the cleansing sacrifices and prayers, after the exchange of various gifts, collusion and engagement parties – young and old, moved up to a Large clearing. Here in this view they were in for achacachi (satire) wearing goat skins, drawn over the head bags with slits for eyes and goat's horns on their foreheads; zaslani (mermaid) with long hair, painted over exposed Iranian henna in a fiery color; adau (giants) and azani (dwarf), witch, sled, abrescia and many other mythical characters, who personified who is angel and who is demon beginning. Persons who were in the last incarnation, was much more as was demanded by the program of this event under the close supervision of the Department of primitive art of the High Council of the genus.

 Among the militant hordes of evil, advancing with the terrible hooting for a good but lower half of the masks and costumes were arapapa pride, with a huge high upturned noses and chins and scornful and haughty persons; curtilage greed with glowing ravenous eyes, dragged in a huge wicker Galati full of all sorts of things; zablocki idleness and laziness, sloppy semblance of people running so that the large holes on the clothes barely covered their private parts; amahai adultery was throwing dirty looks, searching in the crowd for his next victim; Aharoni black envy, uttering a squeal, and rushed like a madman, across the meadow, leaving behind grooves wymienne grass; Agnesi gluttony dragged a huge skins of wine, sipping it, and the mask of vanity, which is annually presented himself ashamed of the leader, has lost a fight because of this defect. Masks would be much more, but they along with the audience couldn't even fit on a Large meadow.

 On the Big glade, lingering twilight, reigned a terrible mess: blew their nose, threatened, choked, hissed, chattered, spewing swear words and utter a curse.

And then, finally, comes a man of comely form in a long white dress, representing the Ancestor, and disperse all this evil with the words:

Nasty your impulses

Like the boils on body.

Blood generic shame

Encroached you together.

- To kill you? To be like you?

- No, you will be better to go!

One road for you

To leave all our family.

 - Grandparent,- again started his story the wise man, -  was tall, of large body, with flaming red hair and beard, stormy disposition and boundless energy. His inquiring mind, and insight have led him on a little open, as it turned out, took out a big impact. He combines root crops tenacity to the land of the plain disposition of the agricultural tribe and provocadas appeal to heaven temper mountain tribe of hunters. In his younger years, the Progenitor was known as a skilled and courageous defender, and also the inventor of many interesting and useful things. He was jealous of the requirements of Psuala (like, emotionally), seeing in them a common substrate centripetal beginning. So, freed from the chthonic gravity, man of Psuala raised at the sight of another person. The progenitor saw it as the goodwill of the Almighty to His children about the usefulness of these exercises for the development of the musculoskeletal system. Apparently, for this reason the tribe didn't know illnesses of joints skeletal limbs, allowing them to lead a very sedentary life and to climb the highest cliffs. However, it was the inference of the Progenitor passed through the mouth of the sage, because it is not known what comes first - the way of sustenance or good manners.

 ...No one remembers exactly when in the parent power family farmers child is born with a pig tail. At an extraordinary meeting of the Supreme tribal Council, it was decided that they see the plan of the gods about certain modifications of the human form in what happened, but was a little puzzled why it is in the pork. Without entering into a dispute with the gods, they perpetuated this incident another totem banner with the image of the Black boar. After a certain period of time the same fate befell a tribe of hunters, in which a child was born with a pig's tail, and after him, again and again, gave birth to hybrid children. Moreover, from small scratches, abrasions, wounds, caused by slow extravasation of blood, children began to die. Blood substance, no longer willing to stay in the mortal shell of the weakened body, leaving him drop by drop. Children – small victims of inter-tribal relationships, the dead ends of the evolutionary development of both tribes. And that's when two tribes have experienced unprecedented depopulation disaster, the voice of our Ancestor rang out in a deathly silence... He delivered a diatribe against the ignorance of the tenor of their own lives, the consequences of which demanded to see the root causes. Printing Prohibition of Eternity was surrounded on all the members of both tribes carried out over the cradle of the last surviving offspring and Cowan in the fireplace hanging chain. From now, each new generation coming from the common sort, took with them part of fireplace chain. Scarlet  color of blood recognized the sacred and primordial, in honor of her Big glade was renamed to the Red totem banner of the Black boar painted in the color of blood, continued to distinguish representatives of the family began to wear clothes of that color. Grateful relatives called the Progenitor of Ashatsck,a (Light blood).

The Declaration of the Prohibition of Eternity consisted of a lot of points: faith in God, the custom of hospitality, the ban on curse, on consanguineous marriages and more.

 Other tribes, hearing about the Prohibition of Eternity, also adopted this progressive, gradual, as anticipated, the Progenitor of uniting in a single state-the beginning, in the inward Foundation of all civilized humanity.

- The father, - told the old man,- showed us the way to truth, to goodness, tolerance, generosity... He has commanded us regulations Prohibition of Eternity.

- Apsua, - concluded the story sage, - we  are family of other genera, associated moral and ethical principles of Apsuara under the seal of the Prohibition of Eternity.