International Association for Assistance to the Abaza-Abkhazian ethnos «Alashara»

Under the laws of brotherhood

По законам братства

 On September 29, a column of six cars decorated with stickers and flags for the 25th anniversary of the Victory of Abkhazia in the Patriotic war went from Karachay-Cherkessia to Abkhazia.

The rally was organized by the Coordinating сouncil of women from Abaza villages and equestrian club "Gumlokt". Everyone could join the rally. 

Motorists started from the village Krasny Vostok, the column passed the streets, accompanied by horsemen. The cars "beefed up" by joined-in passengers in Psyzh.

Residents of Abkhazia welcomed the participants of the rally. From the Abkhaz border, the convoy drove in, accompanied by traffic police under the joyful acclamations encountered on the way of the locals. At the entrance to Sukhum they were met by Executive Secretary of WAAC Inar Gitsba and head of the Middle East department of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Abkhazia Inver Alshundba.

On September 30, the participants of the rally attended the festive events: they laid a garland to the Eternal flame in the Park of Glory and observed a minute of silence of all the people of Abkhazia who died in the Patriotic war.

Also, guests from Karachay-Cherkessia participated in a children's holiday on the Embankment of Sukhum, which was organized by the Youth Council and the Council of women of the world Abkhazian-Abaza Congress. They gave the organizers the traditional Abaza sweets, khalva (khalyuakylpa) and nylon (kaltama). All participants of the children's holiday were able to try these dishes.  Lida Arkhagova and Zurab Khachukov pleased all by playing at the national accordion and dole. Their great game did not leave anyone indifferent-both adults and children began to dance, and the audience never stopped clapping them.

The head of Krasny Vostok rural settlement Igor Khutov addressed the participants of the holiday: "Today's rally unites us and brings up patriotism among young people. And most importantly, it gives an opportunity once again to pay tribute to those who defended the freedom of Abkhazia." He expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome.

Also with words of gratitude and congratulations with the Victory Day and  Independence of Abkhazia spoke the Chairman of women's Coordinating council of Abaza villages Salikha Malkhozova: "I congratulate you and all the residents of Abkhazia on the Victory Day and Independence. This holiday is a symbol of the bright dream of the multinational people of Abkhazia, suffered by incredible efforts and long struggle. I wish you and all the people of the Republic happiness, kindness and prosperity."

26 people participated in the rally. The organizers thanked all the participants of this important event, which, hopefully, will become traditional. The entire route from the Krasny Vostok to Sukhum was filmed not only from the ground, but also made aerial photography with the help of a drone. And, of course, a collective photo was taken in memory of this amazing trip.