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Peter Chekalov took part in the All-Russian literary forum

Петр Чекалов принял участие во Всероссийском литературном форуме

On August 30, 2018, the second Festival of national literature of the peoples of Russia was held in Kazan. It was attended by more than 100 representatives of 26 regions of the Russian Federation. Karachay-Cherkesia at the festival was presented by professor, doctor of philology Peter Chekalov and a young talented poet, journalist of TV channel "Arkhyz 24" Arthur Kencheshaov. We appealed to Peter Konstantinovich Chekalov to answer a number of questions concerning this interesting literary forum.

 - You live and work in Stavropol. How did it happen that you represented the Karachay-Cherkess republic at the festival?

- Indeed, I have been living and working in Stavropol for four decades, but Karachay-Cherkesia is my homeland, here I was born and grew up. In addition, the main direction of my scientific work is closely connected with the national literature of the peoples of our republic, in particular, with Abaza: his thesis is devoted to the study of Michael Chikatuev`s work, and doctoral – the history of the formation of Abaza poetry. The most part of my publications (more than 200 of them, more than 20 – monographs) are again devoted to the problems of Abaza literature. In recent years, I have been involved in the implementation of projects for the reissue of folklore works, translation of works of national writers into Russian. As part of the program of support of national literature of the peoples of the Russian Federation in 2017, two anthologies were published: "Modern literature of the peoples of Russia. Poetry.", "Modern literature of the peoples of Russia. Children's literature.». Now an anthology of prose is preparing for publication. I took part in the preparation of all these publications in the part concerning Abaza literature (the regional national editorial Board is headed by Georgy Chekalov). In this regard, I was invited to the festival by the organizing committee of the Program of support of national literature of the Russian Federation.

- How was the festival held and in what capacity did you take part in it?

- The festival introduced guests to a variety of languages and literature of Russia, which was presented in four literary tents: "Aksakals", "Book", "Lecture", "Children's". I participated in the discussion held in the "Lecture". The issues of language, culture, literature, theatrical and translation activities of the peoples of Russia were discussed here. I presented a one-hour lecture "Abaza literature and its best representatives" in which highlighted the main stages of formation and development of our literature and its authors: T. Tabulov, P. Tsekov, H. Zhyrov, B. Tkhiytsukhov, K. Dzhegutanov, M. Chikatuev. The main part of the speech was devoted to Kerim Mkhtse`s work.

– What regions were represented?

– Many regions of our country were represented on festival, up to Karelia and Yakutia, including our neighboring republics: Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Crimea ... On two stages (big and small) at the same time there were festive concerts with the participation of master performers from different parts of Russia: choreographic, vocal ensembles, singers, storytellers…

– Tell, please, if someone of Abaza writers was in Kazan and mentioned it in his work?

-I do not know about the visit of any Abaza writers to Kazan. But there is one curious fact that I couldn't help but remember. Kerim Mkhtse`s poem "Telegrams" is designed in the style of a telegram, in which he mentions Kazan and the specific Sarapul street. But the main thing is not even this: the work was dedicated to the girl from this city, who studied at the same time with Kerim at the Literary Institute. I managed to find her and talk about our poet. And I think this is a very important moment for me. Thank you Kazan for this meeting!

– Amazing story. In general, you yourself have visited Kazan for the first time, haven`t you?

- For the first time. I am glad that I was lucky enough to become a member of such a large and interesting literary festival. Kazan is a big, beautiful, cozy, peculiar city, and it is certainly impressive. I had a feeling that I had come not to a strange city, but to my own.

Video.  P. K. Chekalov`s lecture: