International Association for Assistance to the Abaza-Abkhazian ethnos «Alashara»

Appeal by the President of the International Association "Alashara"

Обращение президента международного объединения "Алашара"

Dear fellow countrymen, dear brothers and sisters!

The main objective of the international Abaza-Abkhaz association "Alashara" is to strengthen spiritual and cultural ties between people.

We advocate for the preservation of culture and unity of our ethnic group. Only of us depends whether our people will maintain their identity, their traditions in this century. A well-built road serves for many generations, we say. Together we can pave such a way to the language, culture, traditions and customs that they may be preserved and enhanced. Today our fraternal peoples less speak their native language, and yet through it we pass on invaluable information to our descendants, support an invisible link with our ancestors. If the tree has strong roots, it is not afraid of any wind. Our language, our customs and traditions are for our people the very same roots that will keep us on the ground, blown by the winds of change.

If you are talented and active, open to new knowledge and willing to learn, then we wait for you in our team. You will not only become part of the great and light cause of preservation of our people, but also gain extensive experience in implementing projects in various fields: business, economics, local government, education, culture, ethnography, history, cinematography, publishing, journalism, public relations, law, sports, medicine, philanthropy. Step by step you will improve your skills every day to become stronger, more educated and more professional. In the future you will see incredible prospects and opportunities.

Why we do it and whether we want to have some benefit? We do this by listening to our soul, but our main benefit is the unity of the people of Abaza and the preservation of our unique cultural code. Profits from the business-projects we invest in the development of Abaza ethnicity. This is our mission and purpose.

Faith in God, faith in our own strength, the belief that each person is the blacksmith of his own happiness will help us along the way. We can change the vector of our development and to take a course on revival. It is important to remember and understand that success does not fall from the sky. It comes to those who are patient. To those who are ready to work tirelessly. We invite all of you to work, dear brothers and sisters. Our doors are always open for you. Let us stand on the path of development and revival together. Remember, that we have a united and beautiful country. And together we can make it, ourselves and the world around us better!


the President of the International Association of assistance to development of the Abaza-Abkhazian ethnos "Alashara"

Mussa Khabalevich Ekzekov