International Association for Assistance to the Abaza-Abkhazian ethnos «Alashara»

At the VII Congress of MAAAN. The first day

На VII Конгрессе МАААН. День первый

Today in the capital of Abkhazia began the work of VII Congress of the International Association of Abkhaz-Abazin (Abaza) nation.

The Association was formed 25 years ago, its first Congress took place in the village of Lykhny in September 1992, when Abkhazia was at war. Today morning the delegations laid wreaths and flowers at the Memorial to the fallen in the Patriotic war of people of Abkhazia, 1992 – 1993.

Opening the Plenary session of the Congress, the President of the Abkhaz-Abaza world Congress Taras Shamba said: "The establishment of the International Abkhaz-Abaza Congress became a far-sighted step of our legendary leader Vladislav Ardzinba in heavy for Abkhazia 1992 year, on the square in Lichnashta, bringing together living in the Diaspora and in the homeland of the Abkhaz, Abaza and the friendly people as the most powerful protection in the fight against the enemy. The main aim today of the Abkhaz-Abaza people, as throughout all its history, is the preservation of their national identity for future generations. This aim can be achieved through joint activity, not dividing our people on those living in the Homeland and those in Diaspora. As you know, when there was an attempted takeover of our state, we came together and were able to confront the threat, to drive the enemy away and achieve independence."

In the work of the seventh Congress of MAAAN take part the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadjimba, the Vice-President of Abkhazia Vitaly Gabniya, President of the International Association of assistance development of the Abaza-Abkhazian ethnos "Alashara" Mussa Ekzekov, other prominent state and public figures of Abaza people.

Raul Khajimba, welcomed the participants of the Congress, calling it a very important event in the long term development, unity, the relationship between our peoples.

– Gathered people today at the Congress unites one idea – to find ways of further development and strengthening of the victory and of the independence of Abkhazia, for the freedom of which were killed thousands of worthy sons of the Fatherland. We are united by the search for solutions such problems as the improvement of the demographic situation, the increase of national resources, the preservation and development of Abkhaz and Abaza languages, – said the leader of Abkhazia.

As our main political aim Raul Khajimba outlined the bright future of the Abkhaz-Abaza people. "We have no right to deviate from this idea, otherwise, any actions we take will have no meaning. If we are one people, we must refuse of our personal interests and work for the benefit of preserving our fraternal relations, our unity, our Motherland", - he said and concluded his speech with the words:

– God bless the unity and understanding of fraternal Abkhaz-Abaza and Circassian peoples! Let our common path be light and eternal! God bless Abkhazia!