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Mira Sakhat-Gerievna Tlyabicheva: Study at the Literary institute

Мира Сахат-Гериевна Тлябичева: Учеба в Литературном институте

Examination paper preserved in the private and educational business of M. Tlyabicheva allows us to recover, what exams, in what days did she pass them and what marks did she get: an essay – on the 4th of August: "satisfactory"; Russian language – on the 7th of August: good; Russian literature – on the 7th of August: "excellent"; the history of the Soviet peoples – on the 9th of August: "excellent"; foreign language – on the 11th of August: "good".

The order of admission to the Institute was published on 22nd of August and proclaimed:

"Based on the results of the creative competition and entrance exams to ENROLL from the 1st of September for the first year of the main compartment the following comrades: Poetry – 14. TLYABICHEVA M. S.-G.".

While studying at the Literary institute the Abazin student was thanked for her active participation in the work on Vladykinskoe fruit and vegetable base, permitted a creative holiday from 30th of March till 3d of April 1964 and vacation for sanatoria treatment from the 10th of October till 2nd of November, 1964. From 7th of February till the 1st of July (in fact – till the end of July) 1965, she held an internship at the Union of writers of the Karachay-Circassion Autonomous region, after which she was given a description, signed by the editor of the Abaza newspaper H. Zhirov and head of Department of culture and everyday life B. Tkhaitsukhov. It said:

"A student of the Literary institute named after A. M. Gorky Tlyabicheva Mira Sakhatovna interned at the wording of the regional newspaper "Communism alashara" from February to August 1965. A young poet within six months is widely acquainted with journalistic work and showed herself capable of creative, enterprising reporter.

Comrade Tlyabicheva was held the practice in the Department of culture and everyday life in the literary position of the employee. During practice, Mira Tlyabicheva has written many articles, correspondence and essays. Of special note are Her essays "The youth of Old Kuva", "In the Green island", "Elburgan" are of special note. These essays were included under the heading "Village and time" and was dedicated to the new look of mountain villages. The author has collected a wealth of material about the past of the villages of Old-Kuvinsk, Elburgan, Inzhich-Chukun, the city of Cherkessk and skilfully showed everything new that gave the Soviet authorities to highlanders. Essays received approval in the circle of

During practice, Mira Tlyabicheva learned to work with collective farm correspondance letters, made newspaper herself.  Three reviews on poetry of young budding poets were written by her.

The intern showed herself a disciplined, executive, and was held in universal respect of her collective. For the interesting report "The Cabin in the mountains" by order of the editor Mira Tlyabicheva received a commendation".

Judging by her record book, Mira Sakhat-Gerievna studied very uneven. So, the winter session of the first course she closed with "excellent", in the summer she has mastered the three of the five disciplines on "good", two as "excellent." The first two exams of the winter session of second year she passed with good marks, and the third - mediocre. In all likelihood she didn't have enough time to prepare, since the previous exam, she passed on the 18th of  January 1963, and the last – the next day, on 19th of January.

A similar pattern was repeated in the summer session: showing a good knowledge on the first exam and great on the second and the third, she received a "satisfactory" mark on the fourth. Gradebook allows us to set that the last two exams Mira passed on the same day – on 15th of May, 1963, therefore, the time for preparation to the very last of them she was not at all.

The lowest educational indicators Tlyabicheva gave during the summer session of the third year (of five items, four "satisfactory" and one "good") and the winter session of the fourth course (of four items, three "satisfactory" and one "good"). This is probably due to an unexpected psychological impact: in 1964, her father passed away and she needed to attend and participate in funeral rituals, memorial services, etc. This situation is due to a forced creative vacation from the 30th of March to the 3rd of April, and sanatoria treatment from the 10th of October to 2nd of November, 1964, referred to above. The next semester, from 7th of February to 31st of July, 1965, Mira held a practice at the Abaza newspaper, and returned back to the institute in September, when composure was restored. In the result, the winter session of the fifth year she passed with excellent knowledge, then on the 31st of March, 1966 she defended her thesis on "A white cloud" with an "excellent" mark on the 4th of June, passed state exam in Russian and Soviet literature ("good"), on 21st of June – the state exam in Marxist-Leninist philosophy ("excellent") and, thus, completed a full course of study. Just during the student years she passed over 43 offsets and 32 exams: 10 subjects of these were exposed to excellent  marks, for 12 – good, for another 10 – mediocre.

On 24th of June, 1966, an order, which recognized the fact of graduation of M. S.-G. Tlyabicheva Literary institute with qualification of "literary worker" and the issuance of a diploma was issued.

The Mira Sakhat-Gerievna returned home, went to work to Karachay-Cirkassian publishing house as a senior editor and the entire life until retirement worked in this institution.