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The Literary institute in the fate of the Abaza writers. Kerim Leonidovich Mkhtse: "To the Literary institute... I tried with al

Литературный институт в судьбах абазинских писателей. Керим Леонидович Мхце: «В Литературный институт… я стремился всей душой»

The final articles of the series "Literary institute in the fate of the Abaza writers" are devoted to Kerim Mkhtse.

Kerim Leonidovich was the third Abazin graduated from the Literary institute.

After a failed attempt of receipt to Karachay-Cirkassian pedagogical institute in the summer of 1967 he worked a few months at the plant of Rubber-technical products in the city of Cherkessk, and then was drafted into the Armed Forces.

Kerim served in the Army with dignity, as evidence of this is the awarding of the rank of Sergeant, Deputy of commander of a platoon, Secretary of the Komsomol organization of a company, member of the Komsomol Committee of the military unit. In April 1970, he was awarded the medal "For military valor".

Around the same time Kerim went ahead and went to the selection Committee of the Literary institute. The poet himself remembered about that:

"I was lucky in one thing: I served in the Moscow military district, and in the second year they transferred me to the portion located in Moscow itself. And here I felt that somewhere here there is a Literary institute, where I sought with all my heart. And the fact that you can go from part,  sit on a bus or subway car and drive to the institute, encouraged and inspired me. And by the end of the service, I took leave warrant and carried the poems with facing translations into a creative competition of the Literary institute. There is such a system: before to take the entrance exams, you must pass a creative competition consisting of three rounds. The Commission usually consist of famous poets, writers, literary critics. And only those who passed this competition are allowed to take the exams. In the year I did, at one place there were over 200 applications. After the first round I said that I was preparing for exams. Passed and following two rounds. And after some time in the part where I served, came the notice that I passed the creative contest. Now it was necessary to pass the entrance exams, and the command, due to the fact that I was not in a bad bill, went towards me and allowed to take part in them. The company commander left me the keys to the office, and at night, after lights out, I re-studied I need study material. Three years after school, of course, much is forgotten. Then we passed five exams: writing, Russian language, literature, history, foreign language. I was preparing in good faith, and the first four have passed on "excellent". I'm right in a military uniform went to exams. The last one was left-German. I began to repeat the school course, and then I began to wonder: will I overcome it? Before the exam left two or three days, and I practically remember nothing. But the day of the final test has come. I came in. I was given a text to translate. I look at it and understand nothing. I was given a dictionary, I sit, look through it... Well, I could not sit all day. They called me. I sat down and began to answer badly.

A man and a woman took the exam. When I finished, the man looked at the woman and said: "Fir". I forgot that "fir" in German means "four", for some reason, thought "two" and turned pale. Woman in response nodded, "Yes, yes" and began to fill the exam sheet. I held my breath watching her pen. I look, she outputs "4". I couldn't believe: like a dream... I got up and hesitantly went to the door...

Then I realized: they were not indifferent people, sympathetic to others' fate and if they were able to give help, they didn`t miss such opportunity. So I was lucky".

Thus, not changing the military uniform for a civilian, Kerim was a student at the Literary institute named after A. M. Gorky. The order of admission to the Institute came later: "On the basis of the results of the creative competition and entrance exams to ENROLL from the 1st of September, 1970 on the first year the following companions: Poetry – 10. Mkhtse Kerim Leonidovich.

On the basis of the Decision of the Admissions Committee of the Literary institute from 11th of August, 1970".

Completion of entrance examinations has coincided with the transfer to the reserve, and Kerim went home with a light heart, the rest of the summer he spent in the village and to the beginning of the school year he returned to Moscow as a student.