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International journal «Country of Abaza»

International journal "Abaza Country" is an online magazine, which publishes articles on topical issues of Abaza-Abkhaz history and culture, essays and sketches about interesting people - the representatives of the people Abaza, analytical research and other things. Our readers live in more than 100 countries. All the articles are translated into 5 languages: Abaza, Abkhaz, Arabic, English and Turkish. We are open for cooperation and invite all authors interested in publishing of their own articles, write us by email (

О некоторых случайных археологических находках из фондов археологии Абгосмузея

Абхазия всегда представляла большой интерес для  археологического исследования, здесь представлены все памятники от палеолита до позднего средневековья. Еще в XIX веке Абхазия заинтересо ... Read more

«I put my song…»

(Review on the collected poems of Kerim Mkhtse "Return»)   International Association of assistance to development of the Abaza-Abkhazian ethnos "Alashara" sponsored the publication of a collection of poems of Abaza poet Kerim Mkhtse (Nevinnomyssk, 2018). The author of the project and the Preface is doctor of Philolog ... Read more