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International journal «Country of Abaza»

International journal "Abaza Country" is an online magazine, which publishes articles on topical issues of Abaza-Abkhaz history and culture, essays and sketches about interesting people - the representatives of the people Abaza, analytical research and other things. Our readers live in more than 100 countries. All the articles are translated into 5 languages: Abaza, Abkhaz, Arabic, English and Turkish. We are open for cooperation and invite all authors interested in publishing of their own articles, write us by email (

"Это был шок!"

Родственники нашли потомков Рамазана Чукова   О существовании самого Рамазана Чукова представители рода узнали только после выхода книги «Подвиги героев Абазашты», изданной Меж ... Read more

Enjoy the sunshine

On 15 of June marks 60 years of the scientist, teacher, counselor, journalist, translator, poet, songwriter, bard Bilyal Khasarokov. The language of unwittingly asks the hackneyed phrase: "The talented person is talented in everything". But in this case, we are most likely not dealing with a natural gift, but with the result of hard work ... Read more

Field diaries of archaeologists

Among the materials stored in the Abkhazian state museum, of great interest are the field diaries of archaeological exploration of Abkhazian archaeologists M. M. Trapsh and L. A. Shervashidze. Mikhail M. Trapsh is the first Abkhazian archaeologist, honored worker of culture of the Abkhazian ASSR, candidate of historical sciences, head of the dep ... Read more

The conformity and harmony of the Shumerian words with Abaza language

In a previous publication, doctor of philology, Marjat Kharatokova shared her thoughts about relationships of Abaza people with the ancient Shumerians, analyzing the etymology of the names of the Shumerian gods and drawing on the work of Aubrey Fessenden "Flooded civilization of the Caucasus isthmus". We bring to your attention the arg ... Read more