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International journal «Country of Abaza»

International journal "Abaza Country" is an online magazine, which publishes articles on topical issues of Abaza-Abkhaz history and culture, essays and sketches about interesting people - the representatives of the people Abaza, analytical research and other things. Our readers live in more than 100 countries. All the articles are translated into 5 languages: Abaza, Abkhaz, Arabic, English and Turkish. We are open for cooperation and invite all authors interested in publishing of their own articles, write us by email (

A story in one photo

In each family the old photos from family archive with the image of loved and dear to us people of different generations are tenderly stored. Of course, among them there are those that contain unique information about the past and therefore have great historical significance. By studying them, you can learn the history of one family, and of the man ... Read more

The pull of the past

В Черкесске, в Доме печати, прошла презентация нового романа Олега Этлухова «Притяжение». Он издан в Москве и рассказывает о событиях в России и в Абхазии в начале прошлого столетия. Эт ... Read more

Personality in the history of Abkhazia

On May 15, 2018 in the Assembly hall of the Abkhazian state Museum opened an exhibition for the 125th anniversary of the birth of Nestor Apollonovich Lakoba. Here are rare documents, letters, photographs, written memories, books from the state historical and memorial Museum of Lakoba. The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of culture and prot ... Read more

"The player" at the Iskander Theater

The State Russian drama theatre named after Fazil Iskander presented to the audience the premiere of a new performance based on the work of the classic of Russian literature Fyodor Dostoyevsky. A transcription of the writer`s famous novel " The player" for stage productions was involved in Ale Dzhikirba, which in this work has been essent ... Read more