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"The player" at the Iskander Theater

«Игрок» в Театре Искандера

The State Russian drama theatre named after Fazil Iskander presented to the audience the premiere of a new performance based on the work of the classic of Russian literature Fyodor Dostoyevsky. A transcription of the writer`s famous novel " The player" for stage productions was involved in Ale Dzhikirba, which in this work has been essentially as a writer.

The main role in the play was played by a student of the Shchukin Theatre Institute Guram Kvitsinia – one of the representatives of the budding young generation of actors who are now studying at the theater faculties of various Russian universities. In addition Kvitsinia the other students of "Pike" were involved in play – Milana Lamia, David Pilia and Osman Abukhba, as well as the actors of the Rusdrama`s troupe Natalia Papaskir, Ljupcho Spasov, Marina Sichinava.

The play "The player" was conceived by the director of the production Anton Kiselyus, who has repeatedly cooperated with the theater, as a theatrical action, in which there will be neither scenery nor costumes. In the theater itself, the form of this performance was defined as "concert performance".

"Concert performance implies that we separate the text part. We separate it from everyday interaction on stage. That is, here all of our games, movement around the stage is centered on text-based interactions. We play with the artist as an orchestra instrument," - says director Kiselyus.

Perhaps the most impressive participant in the theatrical performance in "The player" was the state choral chapel under the direction of people's artist of Abkhazia Nodar Chanba. The entire show takes place under the great music of Mozart. A special impression is made by the final chords of the play, where Mozart's "Requiem" became a mess for the soul of the protagonist, whom the obsession with the game destroyed.

A special delight of spectators was caused by the play of Guram Kvitsinia. In an interview that Guram gave Rusdram site, he admitted that he was flattered by the invitation to play the role of the main actor of the play – Alexei Ivanovich. The young actor finds his character, in the same way as the player is reckless, but he's not so emotional, much more relaxed than his character, because to learn to "explode" immediately on the stage he was not so simple. There were a lot of difficulties in the preparation – there were no scenery that usually play "for the actors", it was necessary to master the "difficult" Dostoyevsky`s language, but the premiere day showed that all these difficulties the actor overcame with ease. The audience who watched the game of Kvitsinia, after the play confidently said:"I believe."

Many people who saw the play, noted that at the highest level in the play were performed lighting solution, which was responsible for the lighting designer Eugene Lisitsyn, and musical design. The choral chapel set such an incredibly powerful background for the whole performance that the actors had no choice but to be at the same height and correspond to the given level. Here's what said the performer of the role of Polina, a student of "Pike" Milana Lomia, about the features of the game in this play: "I can`t say that it would be easier for me to work in a different format, because the role is still very difficult. When the chapel came, I gasped, because their singing makes its way to goosebumps. It also helps that the company met us very warmly – it feels like we've been working here all four years."

The play "The player" turned out to be really passionate and emotional, its tragic finale caused tears and a surge of emotions in very many viewers. It was shown in  Iskander`s theater for only two days, but because of the great success of the audience the management of the State Russian drama theater named after Fazil Iskander decided to make this performance in its repertoire. This means that over time, even those who were not at the premiere of "The player" will be able to see it on stage of Rusdrama.

(Photo from website Sputnik -Abkhazia)