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Another supergirl from Abkhazia

Еще одна супердевочка из Абхазии

Leon Kapba and Milena Tachulia went to Moscow from Abkhazia to conquer the Russian TV audience in the competition of dancers after the triumphant of the first draft of the TV show "You are super!"Valeriy Adleiba. Participants in the children's dance show "You are super! Dancing!" were children from foster families, pupils of boarding schools and orphanages from 7 to 18 years from different cities of the Russian Federation, and also representatives of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Estonia, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan. Throughout the project period, they not only practiced shooting in the program and choreography with the best professional teachers, directors, producers, but also studied at school, psychologists were constantly working with the children and, according to participants, there were many surprises.

Dance show became popular in the whole of Abkhazia from the first day. On the day of each performance at the public screens in the republic in cafes, restaurants people watched the live broadcast and expected marks of a jury with an excitement.

The young fourteen-year-old starlet from Abkhazia with stunning choreography data Milena Tachulia, the schoolgirl of school № 10 of the city of Sukhum, goes in for the children's state school of dance "Abaza" under management of honoured artists of the Republic of Abkhazia Cialia Chkadua and Alexey Arshba. In the first round she performed the national dance with the pitcher "By the stream". In the second round the Abkhazian beauty appeared before the viewers in a totally different style: exploding hall by contemporary dance to the song of Polina Gagarina "No more drama", Milena goes to the next round. In the image of burnt wood flexible, fragile dancer from Abkhazia under the applause goes to the final.

The final concert of the grand international show was held on 23 of December 2017. The victory was won by Valeriya Rodionova from Kostroma, and Milena Tachulia was in 8th place.

"I'm in the final, I was evaluated by the best choreographers of the country. Master-classes, meetings with celebrities from show business, a wonderful trip over Moscow – it's a dream of every person. If I did not win this competition, I think that I could tell about my little, beloved, beautiful country to the world," - said Milena Tachulia in an interview.

Milena and her sister live under the care of grandparents. The girl goes in for folk and classical dancing from the age of three and today she is a soloist of one of the best children's ensembles of Abkhazia. Milena is a winner of many competitions, including international ones. Besides dancing, she enjoys swimming and drawing. In addition, she enjoys journalism and is a reporter of the Abkhazian state television and radio company in children's news. Milena Tachulia dreams to become a great dancer.